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Roane County Scholarship Foundation

Every year, the RCSF awards approximately 40 scholarships to high school seniors based on cumulative GPA, ACT / SAT scores, community activities demonstrating leadership and financial need. Full details about the program are available on the Roane County Schools website, linked here. For more information, contact:

Paul Hughes, Pres.
804 Summit Street,
Spencer, WV 25276

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Spencer High School in Spencer, West Virginia existed from 1911-1993, when the school merged with the only other high school in Roane County, Walton High School, into a new facility known as Roane County High School.


The Spencer High School Alumni Association was formed in 1998 with three goals:

  • Preserving the history of Spencer High School
  • Communicate with alumni
  • Preserve and Present the best of Spencer High School

Through the years alumni involvement has been great. Our many volunteers have given countless hours of their time to accomplish common goals and attain a successful completion of projects.

There are still many things to accomplish. We seek your help and support. You can help by:

  • Contributing memorabilia
  • Helping create the newsletter
  • Manning a telephone for notifications
  • Processing mail
  • Providing information

To see more about how you can help, visit the Get Involved page.

A Brief History Of Spencer Public Schools

By Laban White

       The Spencer Independent School District was formed by an act of the Legislature, passed February 16, 1872. This act largely the result of the efforts of Mr. H. T. Hughes, the Delegate from Roane County. That the people of the district were heartily in favor of such action id indicated by their promptness in calling an election to choose the first board of education. This election was held on the third Monday in March, at which William R, Goff, A. A. Smith and A. G. Bailey were chosen to serve for the terms of three, two and one years respectively. On may 5 following the Board organized by electing A. A. Smith president and J. G. Shilling, secretary. Read more...

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