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October 2014


Received a message from John McGee, jandsmcgee@charter.net
931-536-5769, classof: would have been 1951.

I went to grades 1 to 4 in the old "chicken coops" and we moved away.  We lived on High Street beside Bill A. Looney.  I see his and my houses have since burned down.  Good memories of Spencer.

Does anyone have pictures of the old "chicken coops" grade school building?

January 2014

Spencer High School Alumni Association is pleased to announce that we are beginning a History of Roane County and Spencer, West Virginia video project, thanks in part to a generous donation of video footage from the Bob Arnott family.  The post production is underway and we expect the final DVD’s (sold at a modest price) to be available by the 2015 Black Walnut Festival.

If you have video footage of the area or events pre 1985, and would like to discuss having it included, please contact Gross Security, LLC at 146 Main Street in Spencer, WV by calling 304.927.8757 or visiting us in person.

Update Posted 21 March 2014

Update: We created a YouTube page, where you can view the video clips in the production. We will post only a few at a time and we ask that everyone who can, please watch the clips and help us identify the people and events.  If you see someone you recognize, please let us know by phone, in person, or you can use the


contact form found on the left or by using the link above. You can also comment on the videos on YouTube. Make a note of the time on the video clip where the person or event appears, to help us synchronize the final project. 

If you have many memories or stories of this person or event, please participate by interview or feedback – every little bit helps!

The video links thus far are:

1947, Spencer High School Science Club, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ynoILSYc5Q

1947 Excavation of Spencer High School  http://youtu.be/Nqu8eYaKojU

1947 Hardmans Construction of Spencer Elementary  http://youtu.be/SvPswv0oZ0s

1947 Willard Starcher Explosion  http://youtu.be/PYQE24Y6yto

1947, May 11, Commencement Sermon at St John's Church  http://youtu.be/lQDWmxhP44Q

1947, May 11 Baptizing in front of Clyde Berkhouses  http://youtu.be/vnpHIhXXnIY

1947 Corner Stone of Spencer Elementary School  http://youtu.be/UVQKx-2gyDM

1947 Court Street Fire  http://youtu.be/4Qt1Sf8-Ayo

1947 OO Casto Horse Show  http://youtu.be/Zz4omXVqLXQ

1947 Roane County Field Day, Excavating of Spencer High http://youtu.be/r5FpDdYbpgI

1947 Spencer Swimming Pool  http://youtu.be/raYFfuQUniQ

May 2013

Added an Alumni Spotlight Page. Do you have content, memories, pictures, videos, or audio appropriate for this site? Tells us about it on the feedback page.

April 2013



I am working on a project for Ravenswood High School.  I am the defensive coordinator and I am writing a history of our football team.  I am currently looking for information about some of our early coaches.  I received some information from R.O. Samples daughter that he may have coached at Walton back in the 30's  Would you know of anyone who may be able to help me find information?  There are a few other coaches that we had that I have tied to the Spencer area.  Thayer "Dusty" Rhodes also had some ties there.  I have found quite a bit of information on some coaches but have stalled out on others.

I read the Football memories you have as part of your website.  That was a great thing that he wrote for the site.  In the book I am writing for our 100 year aniversary I am having a player do the same thing from each decade back to the 30's.  Thank you for your time.  I love your site.


Jason Jackson class of '90

Ravenswood High


February 2013

From: Tracy Keck
email: tracy.keck@yahoo.com
phone: 616-834-4128

Request: My mother was born in Spencer (Roane County) and lived there until the age of 10 then moved to Michigan. Her name was Brenda Greathouse. She was born in 1945. I'm looking for any info when she was a child and her Grannies family with the last name GREATHOUSE. Anyone who might remember her or the family and you have the time please email me. Thank you for your time.



January 2013

I've been contacted by Basheba Witte-Kodrowsky, daughter of William Bernard Witte (class of 1956). William was a football star, who went on to Marshall and died suddenly on July 4th, 1975 at only 37 years of age. Basheba promises to provide some pictures, programs and other assorted memorabilia. We will create an alumni spotlight page and weave her memories into this site. UPDATE: The page is complete. Please check out the Alumni Spotlight page for William's name.

William Bernard Witte and Friends
William and Friends (click to enlarge)
(left to right) (Coach Dick Simmons,Raymond Drake (kneeling),Jim Cline,Jim Marshall, Bob Sharp,Holly Moss, William Bernard Witte)

Bill Camp helped with some of the names. Steve Cooper filled in the missing names.


Do you have something to add? Use the feedback page to get in touch with us!


I can see by the traffic statistics this site gets plenty of visits. If you have a fond memory or story you would like to share, please use the feedback page and submit it. We'll find a spot somewhere to include your contribution. Thanks, webmaster.

2011 Marks the 100th Anniversary of Spencer High School!

Here is H. Laban White, the gentleman who pioneered the creation of the school:

Laban White

(Click the image or here for his biography)

The school came about from the efforts of H. Laban White, a letter writing campaign, and a bond proposal.  The letters were printed in the newspaper of the time and are recorded here. It is an interesting read.

Here's an excerpt, as published in April 28, 1911.

The Board of Education of Spencer Independent District have been considering for some time the proposition to establish in town a High School, with a full accredited course as prescribed by the State Superintendent of Schools and to built and properly equip a building for such purposes. Why should Spencer not have such a school? Other and smaller towns have. Clendenin is building a $30,000.00 high school building and Clay county has just voted bonds for such purpose. No fewer than 50 young people of Spencer are now away from home attending school taking the high school branches, at a cost to each of no less in any case than $300.00 per year and from that on up to $500.00 and $600.00. Why not keep this money at home and the young folks under home influences?




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Welcome to Spencer High School Alumni Association of Spencer, West Virginia.

Where is Spencer, WV?

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The association remains active throughout the year, with the same officers continuing for one year. Support is needed from all graduates near and far. We are still collecting all memorabilia including: rupicolas, graduation programs, pictures and videos.

You can help!

Use the Get Involved link to contribute. We need you to update your information, tell us about other alumni and to tell us when a SHS alumni has passed.


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